Quick silver mac dvd problem



I have been burning and coping my purchased dvd’s for some time. about a week ago something strange happened. I had some problems dubing one of my dvds after this my dvd player has been acting strange and not working properly. symptons no voice i check the control panel and the settings are correct. also the player stars a movie runs about 10 seconds and then stops all the while the counter is clicking along. Ok i decide to switch over to my lacie dvd burner and player install a movie and i get the same probles as with the internal super drive. I begin to think its a softwear problem so i try to do a system install with the archive and i have a problem with this. i then go to my work computer and make a copy of the dvd softwear and install it on my computer with the problem same thing happend the movie starts runs about 10 seconds the goes to slow motion far a second or two and stops the counter is still moving. any one have any ideas. the thing that puzzles me is that it does the same thing with both mu dvd playes and they cannot bot be shot. i can still copyusing the lecie but playback is the same.


@ nikonf8,

From the limited information you have provided it appears that your problem could be caused by the use of problematic poor quality DVD Media you have used to make you BackUp Copy of your original Commercial DVD Movie title.

Suggest obtaining known proven quality error free DVD Media which constantly produces quality error free results such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DVD Media.

If you are using known proven quality error free DVD Media (Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DVD Media) it is possible that the cause of your problem is that there is a “Copying Flaw” in the BackUp Copy of your original Commercial DVD Movie title you have made. Suggest ensuring that the undisclosed DVD BackUp copying software program(s) you are using is the newest most current up to date version that is available. The Commercial DVD Movie manufactures are constantly employing new sophisticated anti copying schemes which requires individuals who copy Commercial DVD Movies to routinely update their copy protection removal software program. Suggest checking SlySoft’s copy protection removal ‘AnyDVD’ software program ->


Also ensure that your undisclosed DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date Firmware that is available installed on your DVD Burner. The reason up to date DVD Burner Firmware is important is discussed in the below Web Link ->



bjkg my problem is that neither one of my dvd players will run at this time the built in one and my external lacie.both are doing the same thing . I put in a dvd and put it in the play mode it runs about five seconds and then it may go in slow motion a few seconds and then freeze . I am not haveing troble coping with the lacie but it wont play dvds