Quick request for quality scan feedback



Hey guys, thanks for taking a look. These two scans are VERY consistent with my other scans, and I like that. The dvd disc is an MCC 01RG20 (which I gather is decent quality) burned on a NEC 2500A w/Herrie’s FW and scaned on a LiteOn 5232K. Honestly everything seems totally cool but I just wondered what anyone might have to say about the PIF spike at the start. EVERY disc burned/scanned sports this spike (± magnitude) at the same place. Should I just ignore it as a product of a “spikey” LiteOn scan? All my hardware config. (ASPI/drive settings/IDE) seems happy and consistent with the wisdom of this site. AND, while I have definitely improved overall burning with diff. FW, the monster PIF spike has been a trademark from the beginning (OEM FW). Again, grooving on my consistency, just wondering why that sucker’s equally consistent. Cheers…