Quick recommendation DVD DL burner

OK, since i need to buy a new one, i’m hoping that someone can help. I need the following in a DVD burner:

  • very good CD burn quality
  • SATA interface
  • good testing capabilities for media
  • dual layer capability (reliable recording)
  • hardware reliability

Is there a quick answer to this? Maybe Plextor? I’m using DVD+R.

Thanks a bunch,

Well, i searched enough for myself now and ordered a Samsung SH-S203B. I hope it’s really that good :slight_smile:

The Samsung has gotten tremendous reviews. I think you will be happy with that burner.

Damn, they send me an SH-S203[B]D[/B] instead of an SH-S203B. What’s the difference, does anyone know? I wonder if i have to send it back now…

PS: Found an answer. For the folks who care about this - it seems the D model is newer and supports more media types: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f105/whats-best-sh-203b-d-n-p-235612/#post1971203