Quick questions


  1. What is the MB and what is its significance in the Quality Scan Test. Someone has told me to “lower cap to say 4350 mb”. Can someone explain this to me?

  2. What is MID? I know MIJ is Made in Japan, MII is Made in India - but what is MID? Made in Destination?



MID - Manufacturer ID, the ID of the company that made the discs. Some discs, such as MCC coded discs, are made mostly by subcontractors (Moser Baer India, Prodisc and CMC Magnetics) but using stampers and technology from MCC.

What do you mean by MB? If you mean MegaBytes, its the amount of storage that a DVD can hold.


They probably suggested this because you are getting high PIF’s at the end of the discs you are burning. A discs capacity is roughly 4480 megabytes, so, in theory, reducing the burnt area on the disc would eliminate this problem.


Or he could switch to better quality media or update the firmware for his drive.