Quick questions regarding media for the 712A

I’m going to be ordering my new 712A tomorrow, so will obviously need some blanks DVDs to use with it.

Basically, I have the option of ordering either 8x DVD-Rs or 8x DVD+Rs, for exactly the same price. Since I know nothing about DVD media, I find myself wondering which of these is the ‘best’ to use. I don’t plan on making any backups of movies, so compatability with a stand-alone DVD player isn’t a concern (as far as I can see). All I’m really planning on doing is making data backups. Does it matter which format I use?

Finally, the DVD-Rs are ‘Photo Inkjet Printable’ and the DVD+Rs are ‘Inkjet Printable’. What do these descriptions mean, exactly? I know it has no bearing on the write quality; I’m just curious. Would one be easier to write on with a marker pen?


Either are writable with a marker (i.e., sharpie), but the designation means that you can print labels on those inkjet printers that are capable of printing photos directly to media.

As far as -R or +R, the 712 can write SELECT 8x+R at 12x. If you’re not concerned about writing at top speed, any media will do. Check the compatibility list at Plextor USA or Plextor Europe for a full range of media and the supported writing speeds.

I should’ve mentioned that this is Verbatim media we’re talking about. Anyway, you’ve answered my question for me.

Cheers, bob.