Quick questions regarding ConvertXToDVD



I just downloaded the trial recently and just want to ask a few questions.
When creating a menu what does these three terms do?

Also what encoding setting should I set ConvertXToDVD - high or medium? How long approximately does it take to convert a 3GB .avi to DVD with each of these settings?



Auto start playback: when you put the DVD in your DVD player the first film will start to play (instead of starting with the menu)

loop playback: at the end of the last film, 1st film will start playing automatically

Sequential playback: if you have added three movies, they will play back to back (without coming to the menu between films)

How long, depends on your computer, generally as long as it takes to view the files. And as far as quality speed, leave at recommended you might also want to go to Setting/ burning/ and un check the box ‘add original files to DVD (if possible)’ if you feel the quality is not good enough go to high quality but I think the recommended should do great (depending on the orginal file files quality of course)