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I have my dvd writer and my haddrive on the same IDE cable (master/slave), does this slow the performance of my harddrive?


Simple answer, Yes!:bigsmile:

Is there anyway to stop my dvd writer slowing it down taking in the fact that my DVD-Rom is Secondry Master, CD-Writer is Secondry Slave, Harddrive is Primary Master and DVD-Writer is Primary Slave…

Is there any kinda of extension I could add to the secondry IDE cable.

Thanks 4 your quick responce,

If you want to put your hard disc on an IDE channel by itself, you can add more IDE channels using an add-in IDE controller. The alternative is to sacrifice either the DVD-ROM or the CD-RW drive.

IDE can only have two drives per cable.


Apparently modern IDE controllers are able to address multiple speed drives at their highest possible speed.
The slow down will only occur when you are using both the HD & the DVDwriter at the same time.

At the same time, you have

  1. A dvd writer capable of writing CDR/W + DVDRW
  2. A cd writer capable of writing CDR/W.

Why don’t u give the cdwriter to some deserving friend/ relative :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have taken out my CD-Writer and it is sitting on the shelf…

I’ll probably sell it or give it away :slight_smile: