Quick question

I am just waiting for my DVD writer and want to know bit about CloneDVD so I can start burning straight away. I have a IFO and several VOB files I want to burn, so i go to write existing data and it asks for the path of my IFO. file. The file I keep the data in is in a file called VOLUME 1 whick splits into audio_TS and video_TS, now should I give the path to VOLUME 1 or VOLUME 1>Video_TS. I am asking because if I give the path to Video_TS, surely it won’t burn the AUDIO_TS, which you need for a DVD.

Or does CLONEDVD create its own Audio_TS.

Anyone know.

Wont reply 4 a bit, going 2 England v Portugal match,


> Or does CLONEDVD create its own Audio_TS. <

It does. You must navigate to the directory, where VIDEO_TS.IFO is, CloneDVD will automatically create VIDEO_TS directory to put the video files info, and an empty AUDIO_TS directory.

Very foolproof design. :slight_smile: