Quick question

What’s the best CDRW out there. I’ve used CDCLONE trouble free until now. I’ve come to the conclusion (with your help) that my burner needs to be replaced to burn sdv2 cds. This all started because I wanted a copy of my Ghost Recon CD and can’t do it with my burner. So I’m getting another…

The best CDRW out there is the LiteOn 48125W followed by the
Asus CRW 4816A. These burners do all copies you want and they excellent burn up to 99 minutes…

“followed by the
Asus CRW 4816A” excuse me. have you got this burner? I’m thinging about it becaues its pretty cheap and i’d like to go faster. my 32 litOn os not a good reader, do you know if it can read like the 40x like futureproogf siad?

humblly, numpty

I know it’s about h/ware, but this posting is here, sorry.