Quick question

I believe my NEC 3540 had died. It reads DVDs, writes DVDs but doesn’t recongise CDs at all. I did a search and found people who suffered the same problem, and ultimately the only solution I have found is either to send it to the shop or buy a new one.

I decided for a new drive.

Initially I did not want to go back down the NEC route since, like I said, I found a few other people have had problems with their drive. Funny enough on another thread some guy mentioned his lasted around three months. Thinking about it… mine probably lasted the same. Like his, mine just stopped working. No slowing down, no hint of the problems to come. One day it just decided to not “see” CD’s anymore.

That worries me. The NEC 3540 isn’t expensive, but I don’t want to lumber out £30+ every few months.

A magazine suggested a PX-716A which I read the review of here. I’m tempted but they’re hard to find over here. Not impossible, but difficult. Hence I was thinking of going back to the NEC.

Ultimately I want a drive that’s speedy and durable. I want it to last me awhile. Now, granted I never cleaned the laser of the NEC (I will on my new one, don’t worry) but I can’t believe dust was the reason. The review pages don’t have “organise by rating” catagory or else I would’ve used that. I am not asking you to do my research for me, I just want one or two names and then I will look them up. So long as their good, solid optical drives (internal) that will serve me well for a long time. Maybe the PX-716A, maybe I go back to the NEC 3540, maybe there is a leaner, meaner and better NEC or Plextor or any other make for that matter.

Thank you kindly.


From your mention of “£”'s I’m guessing you’re here in the UK. I’ve had pretty good experiences with LiteOn and LG as far as longevity is concerned (although LiteOn can be a little pricier than LGs here), and between the LG and LiteOn drives I have, the LG seems just a tad speedier when burning.

Those are my own experiences, others’ will differ. I’ve also heard good things about BenQ drives (although I can’t find them easily!).

Just my two pence worth. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just to make things even more confusing, I should mention the Pioneer 110(D)…from what I’ve seen of my neighbour’s, it seems a pretty solid drive, he gives his a LOT of use - it’s outlasted his NEC (forget which model NEC). In fact, I’m about to pick up a 110 for myself on the 19th. :wink:

Yes, I reside in Old Blighty (guess what, I look out of my window and… it’s raining). I’ll check out the ones you mentioned, thanks.