Quick Question

Nero noob here.

Earlier today, I created a video dvd project. Instead of burning to a dvd on my burner, I did a “Write to Hard Disk Folder” onto my desktop - so I could burn later.

After 2 hours or so, Nero created a folder with about 2 dozen files, all with generic Nero thumbnails.

How do I now burn these files to a DVD to make a DVD movie?

ok, sounds like you used vision express.

Ok, what you need to do is open nero, goto DVD, click on DVD-Video.

Here you will get a template that has Audio_TS and Video_TS folders. Drag all the VOB, IFO etc files (basically the complete folder) into the Video_TS folder and burn it.

Might be easier next time to make a disc image rather than write to file. I use write to file so I can edit the ifo and menu’s later in a software package but if all you want to do is burn it straight after use a disc image.


thank you very much for the quick help. I’m a complete noob, so I’m a bit confused. When you say “open nero, goto DVD, click on DVD-video” are you reffering to Vision Express? I don’t see an audio and video template

also, I see your point with the image file. Once I create the image file, what nero program do I use to burn the image file to disc? Nero Burning Rom, correct?

No, inside Nero burning rom. AFAIK there is no way to burn the files from within Nero Vision Express.

I dont know what the procedure is if you have “Nero OEM” (The simple front end to the burnin bit) though, could be similar by choosing to burn a DVD Video