Quick Question



I know this looks like my first post but for some reason I the email address I used isn’t recognized, etc so had to reregister. Anyway, I don’t really have a problem I actually solved one and thought someone could answer this quicker than I could search 1000’s of posts for similarities.

I had been trying to run my 812s@832s running the latest CGXX firmwares always upgrading over the past year or so to see improvements. I had a hardware problem with my PC a few months back and attributed all my burn issues to that. Low and behold I tried something different tonight and am back to decent burns on CMCMAGE01 (Staples sale) that I just picked up today.

My question is: are quality issues sometimes attributed to the fact that its 832s firmware on an 812s? I thought they were physically nearly identical. Anyway, just to point out my fix, or at least a workaround I’m more than happy with, I switched to USOA 812s firmware. Attached are 2 images, the bad one is the CG(latest) firmware the good one is US0A. I’m curious as to why there is such a huge difference, is it purely because its an 812s drive versus a pure 832s drive?

Thanks for the insights, I’m happy but now I want to understand why I’m happy hehe.