Quick question: Which should I buy right now?

Okay, everyone, a quick question…
I’m going to buy one 100-spindle of media, and I have the following 4 choices:

  1. Smart Buy Super Blue, white-top, by Prodisc.
  2. Dr. Hank, white-top, by Princo.
  3. HDO Shine Blue (Cyanine), white-top, by Gigastorage.
  4. Unbranded, white-top, by Digital Storage Technology.

All of the media is rated at 24x. At the moment, those are my only media choices, as I cannot afford more than US$0.23/disc.
Which one would you people recommend the most?

why dont you try 10 of each and see which is best. it would be a waste to buy 100 crap cdrs:eek:

Generally speaking Prodisc and Princo are considered good brands…