Quick Question. (SOHW-1693S)

Is this a good Lite-On burner? I want a dvd recorder that will allow me to back up my copy protected games, make backups of dvds, and burn data and music nicely.

I would jump on that drive at that price. I paid $10 more. The only thing missing from your list is game copying; as I understand it, there are no DVD burners that pass the 3 sheep test. Otherwise go for it.

i would wait a few months for the next generation ‘5S’ drives.

Oh come on, you can’t have too many drives. At $40 you have plenty left to get the next gen as well. Think of all the discs you can burn while you are waiting for the price to drop. :wink:

If I were in need of a drive now, I would consider that one at that price. Waiting a few months for the next generation to appear, and then waiting longer for the price to drop and firmware to be improved upon, you’ll be into well 2006. Is the new generation going to be THAT much better?

What would be the best drive for backing up protected dvds and games? Anything under 45$ (OEM), perhaps?

edit: the brand doesn’t matter

I doubt that the burn quality can get much better. Most new drives are adding RAM writing and faster -/+RW and DL burning.

The all time best is the Plextor Premium (no where near $45, closer to $75) and it is CD only. Many consider the Liteon SOHR-5239V to be the next best choice at around $26. I have the Premium and I don’t regret spending the $50. It adjusts burn speed on the fly to match the quality of the media and the C1 errors are 80% less than any DVD burner I have.

Head over to the CD & DVD Copy Protection forum and do some reading. That’s where I learned everything.

Are either of these any good? Here and Here

Sorry if i’m a bother. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very limited support here and very limited options with hacked firmware. They don’t seem to have a large following. Good names, but average burners.

See here for a review on Samsung: