Quick Question regarding my Toshiba MD-S1612 (edit: SD-M1612)

I have updated the firmware on my toshiba MD-S1612 to X004. Firmware went in successful. But now the drive will not autostart when a dvd is inserted. Also does not read dvd at all most of the time. Plays audio just fine. Is their a fix for this? I updated the firmware on this drive to mainly up the read speed for burning to my dvd burner. What other options do i have?

The drive is called SD-M1612.

Auto-start is generally a problem with Windows. Check with Microsoft (refer to the MSKB; there is a thread of useful MSKB articles stickied in the Optical Drives forum).

I think the drive has problems with DVDs if a region has not been set before flashing with RPC1 firmware.