Quick question regarding audio tracks



I had a question concerning multiple audio tracks on a DVD that I am trying to backup. After reading through some of these forums, I know that a lot of the additional tracks are usually commentary or other misc tracks. Once I figured out how to decipher exactly what each track is (I am using DVD Shrink), I have come across a disc that has a track solely for the score of the movie. This is a 5.1 audio track. The standard 5.1 track for the movie obviously contains the score as well, in addition to the dialogue. However when I play my backup… something sounds a little funny. I did not include the additional 5.1 track containing only the score…so that I could keep the video at a higher quality. I wouldn’t think that this would cause any issues, but maybe I am wrong. Do I need to include the track containing only the score to get the same sound quality, or am I just being paranoid about the disc sounding different?

Also, I played with this disc for a while to try and get a video quality I was happy with…due to a lot of extra features. I just wanted to get a feel for how low some of you are willing to go on the video to fit all the content you want on a single layer. I have been told not to go below 90%, but wanted to get some more feedback.

Sorry if these are somewhat simple questions, I’m just getting started with most of this stuff. Any help is appreciated.


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I think you can go way below 90%
Lots of factors involved…maybe the most important one is what you expect to play this back on…
A normal CRT tv screen? Then up to 50% isn´t gonna matter much…you won´t really see the diff.
A huge HDTV? Another story completely.

What are you willing to lose? If the cost is NO BACKUP, then I´d say just compress a bit more…live with it. It´s still good.


Thanks deanimator. I am looking into going HDTV soon, so I will play with it then. I’m really not to concerned about it unless its a movie with good action sequences, or great cinematography.

Anybody have any feedback regarding 5.1 audio tracks containing only the score of the movie? Does this need to be included to get the same sound quality? Again the score is included on the main 5.1 track as well, but the sound quality seems a little different. Not sure if it is just me being paranoid. Let me know.


If you only selected the 2-channel audio then the sound to the movie will indeed be different. The 5.1 audio stream has six channels, which would feed a sub-woofer and a number of surround-sound speaker units.


I selected the 5.1 containing the entire movie (score, dialouge, sound effects) but not the 5.1 that includes only the score, without anything else. I would think as long as the main 5.1 stream contains the score along with everything else, you wouldnt need to select the stream with just the score…but I wasn’t sure.