Quick question on Canon`s CD-LabelPrint

Hi there, I have latest version of above software installed and running. Looks like it only recognises jpeg graphics to import, no .gif, no .png. Can’t be true. Is it true?


according to the [I]manual[/I] supported formats are BMP-, JPG-, PhotoCD-, WMF-, EMF-Format.
Images in other formats can be imported via clipboard.


I’m new to this software, I have a circular image here, encased in a white frame. I need to use “Gimp” transparency to delete the frame (its a whitte border) but I don’t know
(a) If CDLabelPrint supports images with transparent layers
(b) which format is best to use…not all formats support transparency
I’d appreciate any further help here, I’m a little out of my depth.

Do you really need to delete the white border? To a printer, white IS transparent.

The template I use for my TY Watershields, I found here:


I just leave the mask layer as part of the JPEG file that I import into CD-LabelPrint.

Finally got it right using image in png format. I’m currently looking for artwork examples of what „Gimp“ is capable of in cd/dvd backgrounds, any ideas? And thanks for your help and the link…I’ll be back