Quick question on 3500 and 3520

Alright. I right now have the 3500 and 3520 in my hands. I don’t know which to keep and the other to give. Logic dictates that the 3520 would be better cause it is newer, but the 3500 may also be better if burners have been going down hill. So if you people got the time. Just state which drive you would perfer. And I’ll tallie it up in a few hours. Thanks.

The 3500 is a better burner for almost all the media I burn (8X). The 3520 is almost as good and not different enough to be significant. Both are long gone so firmware will come from Liggy and Dee in any case. I would keep both (I did) but if you can only have one go with the 3500.

i remember when the 3520 first came out(still have / use mine). the 3500 was the king and getting better burns everywhere. i don’t really think it matters much anymore since the firmware has both matured fully but i’d still keep the 3500 just 'cause it was supposedly better

Keep the 3500 as it gets great burns. Keep the 3520 as a paperweight or sell it.

When you say “paperweight” you are joking, right? I ran an extensive test about a year ago when everyone was complaining about the 3520 and bemoaning the loss of the 3500. Both drives came out virtually the same on 8 different media types.

Why or why would you want to keep a burner that was almost as good as the 3500 and give the 3500 away? :disagree: