Quick question Olli

Is there ever gonna be a chance that your fine program will ever be shipped with a CDRW drive? as most come with Nero, Ahead must be making quite a bit of money from this, would it not make sense for you to ship Clone with some drives to try and generate so more moeny???

your program is obviously to the standard where it is suitable to be shipped with drives, so why not?


Yes, and why dont you put a COMPILATION system like Nero’s one? It would be the PERFECT CDRW software!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think Olli has addressed in the past at cloneclinic and would love to have it included with cdrws…in fact there was a possibility at one time(maybe a rumor) but plex would include it as a bundle…

Also i think it is available to purchase in some retail outlets if understood a previous post in cloneclinic sometime back…

the problem is CloneCD is such a good(excellent) replicating program and is able to make 1:1 backups of protected cds that some cdrw manufacturers are afraid to bundle it because of the piracy issue…cdrw makers want you for the most part to be able to make a perfect backup…makes there product very desirable but at the same time keep software publishers happy by not condoning piracy…it is IMHO talking out of both sides are your mouth…

Its a real shame because I think that it would definately generate more money for Olli ! which is a good thing because this would allow him to develop his prgram even further!

XoRoN !

I agree 100%