Quick question about .png capture in nero cd-dvd speed

hello, i have a simple question about nero cd-dvd speed. i have just recently seen that everybody elses scans posted here have a floppy button in the top right corner which is depressed, i didn’t realise that the program had this capture function (i always used print screen key :doh: ). but i am only able to save as .bmp. i hate bmp! it’s a pain to have to open some other program to convert to .png everytime. the drop down menu in the save as thing doesn’t contain png or .jpg or .tiff, and the capture settings in the program options also only has .bmp selectable. i searched the forums and found this:

Nero CD Speed V2.10 released!
* Added Screen Capture Copy/Screen Capture Save functions (buttons on the titlebar)
To save the screen to png, jpeg or tiff a dll must be installed if you’re not running Windows XP or later.
This can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=32738

which i thought might solve my problem since i am using windows 2000. but that link is dead. :frowning: can anyone help ?

It’s called “gdiplus.dll” (just google and you’ll find it). I put it in the same folder as CDSpeed.exe (together with Nero’s wnaspi32.dll) on my W2K box. :slight_smile:

great, it worked, thanks cressida :iagree: