Quick question about PAL

I am new and basically illeterate. I want to BUY a DVD title that is no longer available in this country (USA), so that I can burn a copy of it for my own use on Region 1. The advertised region is “PAL, region 0”. Is this supported by AnyDVD? Can I convert the DVD to a Region 1 DVD?


It is supported by anydvd yes but you’ll need a different utility software to convert it from PAL to NTSC or if you have a DVD Player that supports both PAL and NTSC then you’re all set.

Can you recomeend a PAL to NTSC utility software? How would i know if my player supports both PAL and NTSC? Would it be in the manual? Do PC based burners typically support both?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Not sure I imagine you DVD player would state so if it does. I’m not sure on the PC DVD drive I think not. As for converters here’s a great link to start.


Here’s the google on it http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=convert+PAL+to+NTSC&btnG=Google+Search

To a PC burner PAL/NTSC means nothing so that’ll never be a problem.

Thanks for the great advice guys!


Yes. Look in the front, the first few pages. It will usually tell you if it supports both. I have 3 different models of JVC players (different years as well) and they all support PAL as well.