Quick question about nec-2500a

Sorry, I searched but couldn’t find a definite answer.

  1. Can the 2500a drive be used with bitsetting or is that just exclusive to the 3500 series?

  2. Can I run kprobe on a 2500a drive? I thought it was only for lite-on drives

thanks in adv.

  1. Yes (with the right firmware)
  2. No (Lite-On drives only)

I’m not sure about most of all this yet, (and I’ve been readig ALOT!) We’re going to call this a , “Free Bump,” to get your question back up top… If I’m not mistaked, the 3500 seires drive was the very 1st we had and hope of bitsetting on single layer, aside from the Lite-On drives. (Plextor, LG, Sony and others MAY have this option, but I’d really like for someone to break down what’s what where that’s concerned… it’s probably already here in a bitsetting post.)

Also, as far as i know, k-probe will only work on Lite-On drives, unless there’s some sort of F/W patch on the 2500 I hadn’t read about yet.

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Johnny (J_D)

Thanks for the replies guys! Anything similar to kprobe for the nec? I personally have a lite-on right now, it burns fine but lately I’ve been getting real bad results that translates to the movies.

I wouldn’t have known thsi if I did not run kprobe …

At least all HP-based firmwares for the 2500A support single layer bitsetting (1.25, 1.27, 1.28, Herrie 1.07v2b4).

There is no KProbe alternative for NEC drives, but you can keep your LiteOn and scan the NEC burnt discs with it. In case you own a LiteOn DVD-ROM, you can flash a speedhacked firmware (from the Codeguys) and perform transfer rate tests in CD-DVDSpeed. If the reading curves don’t have significant slow-downs, your discs will be fine. This is true for every other DVD-ROMs that can perform readouts up to 16x with recordable media.

I am a x-lineon user and current NEC 2500 user, so I am new to this forum. I updated the firmware to v2b5. I have few questions:

  1. How do I do the bitsetting for +r disk in NEC 2500?
  2. Is v2b5 the latest firmware for NEC 2500
  1. use one of the bitsetting firmwares (check http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=87413) along with DVDInfoPro - if you use the search button you can find some guides.

  2. No, not the latest but in my opinion the best if you need DL. In fact I like v2b4 better because I don’t need DL and DL clutters the display in Nero with a 9 GB bar. There are some newer ones with newer writing strategies, but without speeded media - look at the link above.

I did the search - look at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=598653#post598653


Thank you so much for your help. I do know whether I am the only one feeling like this, but I think NEC forum is litle hard to follow, as there are so many versions of drives and so many firmwares.

Thanks again.

Well, you may be right but I think it is part of NEC’s business model - as long as they sell drives to would-be competitors they are having the upper hand themselves.

See it from the positive side - NEC is not making bitsetting in their proprietary firmware. It is only possible for us because of HP insisiting that they want bitsetting on their OEM-NEC’s.

God luck with the bitsetting - keep us posted whether it works for you…