Quick question about my DVD burner :)

Here is my model: NEC DVD±RW ND-6500A

it came with my laptop. When I searched it online it said dual layer. Does that mean I can burn dual layer DVDs?
If I can burn dual layer DVDs do I need to buy blank discs that say dual layer on them?
I know these are newb questions, but thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, your burner is Dual Layer. When you buy media, it will say something like DVD+R DL on the packaging. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!
oh I forgot to ask, do I buy DVD+R or -R?
And can most DVD players (tv and computer) read Dual Layer discs? or all of them can? thanks.

I have only seen DVD+R DL available. Im not sure if -R is out, yet, as I have not seen them yet. And yes, any dvd players will play Dual layer without a problem (just like most of the originals). :slight_smile: