Quick question about IDE cables?

I have these rounded cables. Are these sufficient or should I get new cables?

I use round cables on both my computers. Providing they are decent quality then they’re the best option as airflow is (supposedly) improved.

i’d only ever go for expensive ones to make sure they have the correct amount of shielding, i want to make my system cooler but not at the price of performance.

What I meant to ask is whether they will work with my Benq 1620. I’ve heard people recommending 80 pin.

80 wire flat cable is the cheapest and probably best for 99% of the system out there. If you must rely on round cable for cooling, then the air flow rate thru the PC is not adequate. In general, a larger PC case provides better cooling and reduces localized hot-spots.

Use HD TUNE to obtain the temperature of your HD. If the temperature is above 38C, then you MAY need to increase the cooling capacity of the box.

I use both kinds.

I don’t like either kind because the are always hard to deal with.

I use the 80 pin flat one on my WD 250GB drive and my GSA 4163 DVD-RW and the round one on my 80GB WD and LiteOn 52X CD-RW.


yes, what you say is correct.


I would use the flat 80 pin one because of the better grounding, purportedly supplied by the extra wires to reduce electrical field interference from the rest of the computer with the signals in the drive cable.


Have always heard/read that the round cables have the superior shielding-

They are certainly easier to work with on a new install and look hella better IMO-


They only have superior shielding if they are done properly. The purpose of the additional wires is to shield adjacent signal carrying wires. Most of what’s out there is just a flat cable bundled with no shielding philosophy. They do look pretty tho.