Quick Question About Fujifilm DVD+R 8x

i got a quick question about Fujifilm dvd+r 8x cert discs

there made in japan (cause i checked the labeling) … i think it’s safe to say these are quality discs cause i seen a meijer near me with some of these left although not many and they had some dvd-r 8x (i think these where MIJ to) the +r’s where 9.99 for a 25pack and the 25pack of -r where like 7.99.

any comments on quality etc of these discs?

i know the price on em aint a deal but it’s also not bad either (basically 40dollars+tax for 100 of em (4x25) (about average price for quality stuff)

p.s. i did a quick search on here and did not find anything related to these so i made a new thread.

Fujifilm 8X +R discs that say Made in Japan on them, should definitely be Taiyo Yuden T02 media.

They do work well in almost any writer you put them in. It sounds like a reasonable price to me for quality media that is getting harder to find.

@ cd pirate… i assume it’s safe to say those discs are pretty compatible with most dvd players to?

what about reflectivity cause i think i remember reading a thread with you sorta recently and i think you (i think it was you but im not 100percent sure) said something about the reflectivity aint the best on TY media in general. where as the CMC MAG F01 has great reflectivity or something along these lines.

but yeah, i do think the price is reasonable for those discs “atlhough” it aint a steal or anything :frowning: lol

p.s. i have some older generation (i think 2.4x fujifilm, MIT though) that has a movie burned to them and they scan great to this day (i think it was burned sometime in 2004 or so on a NEC burner, i aint sure which model cause it was not my drive) and scan great to. those play fine in my cheap apex dvd player which i bought in i think it was 2004 or so.

thanks for your time and everyone elses :wink:

I’ve been using T02’s for years and have never had one fail to play in a dvd player or drive. My sample size isn’t that large though, maybe 20 different players and drives.
Its good media though. I’m going to try and hunt some down at Sears this weekend, with the price match at Staples.

@ kerry56 … i think you probably sumed up my question then … there basically a safe bet and it’s probably rare if they wont work with a high percentage of dvd players or pc dvd drives etc :wink:

With some of the older drives or players it would probably help to booktype them to DVD-Rom. But you probably already know that. I always booktype +R disks when I am burning dvd video.

They are very compatible. TYG02 has lesser reflectivity. T02 is not that bad. CMC MAG E01 is the media I use that has higher reflectivity.

Anyways, they should all work and play fine. I paid (In australian dollars) $16 for 25 fujifilm and was fairly happy with that price since it’s rare media.

@ kerry56 … yeah i got my bitsetting set to dvd-rom inside the drive itself so it’s always burned dvd+r to dvd-rom when i burn dvd+r discs.

@ cd pirate … i see :wink: … cause i have some memorex CMC MAG M01 (16x cert) that i got in 2005 from bestbuy and those still scan pretty solid to this day and they play fine in all the dvd players i have… which aint much (about 3ish)… but i would be willing to guess that most players will play those discs fine.

but i see what you mean… cause a while back (roughly a year or closer to 2 maybe) i got some TY 8x dvd-r (TYG02) … did you ever hear of these acting up in dvd players? … i cant say since i sorta am using them for special occasion stuff and i never even burned a single disc yet lol … so i never tested em out on anything yet.

so after conversion u paid about $14.27 USD (i based this on www.oanda.com conversion rates) for those 25 pack of fujifilms … which i guess is sorta pricey… but then again from what i can tell from a guy i talk to online that lives in AU (like you do) media in general and most pc related stuff costs noticeably more there so i guess @ 9.99 USD i should be happy :wink:

Yes, the T02s are great discs. Get them while they still have them :slight_smile:

Just buy them, dangit! :bigsmile:

im thinking about it :wink: … cause the price is quite reasonable (probably same or slightly cheaper than online) but the thing i keep telling myself is i probably dont need em to much cause i still have 100 DVD-R TY 8x (TYG02) discs (i aint used one yet) and i got about 15ish DVD+R 16x cert Memorex (CMC MAG M01) left. (the memorex still scan good (no more than a 3 PIF spike on any of the discs i burned @ 8x) even after 2 years and play good in the dvd players i tried them in)

it took me basically 2+ years to use em (got the memorex in oct 2005 and now it’s oct 2007 and i still have 10-15 of those discs left) … so if u figure roughly 2 years or maybe 2and a half years tops per 100discs … i should have enough discs to last me through to 2009, maybe even 2010 :wink:

p.s. i just checked wal-mart today they aint got nothing special there, just maxell/imation etc etc, but there all made in taiwan (i assume these are nothing special) … so odds are if i do get any discs from a regular store it’s most likely going to be those fujifilm i was talking about above


MIT Imation +R can be very good if you identify the Optodisc spindles. Not as consistently nice as YUDEN000-T02, but good nonetheless.

Hate to say it, but if you don’t need 'em don’t buy 'em. Learn from my mistakes, grasshopper. :slight_smile:

@ tropic … yeah i think i might hold off as i probably could use those 40ish dollars on something else down the road :wink:

i think ill be wise and hold off for now… but i aint 100pernent yet :wink:

cause the thing is… by the time i run out of those dvd’s theres a decent chance blu-ray or hd-dvd burners could be standard and fairly cheap by then (2009-2010 area)… cause i usually dont adopt a new burning technology until general single layer discs are cheap (cheap as in 1dollar TOPS, although i feel MUCH better when discs are at or around the .50cent mark :wink: )

i never got into the dvd burning until 2005 cause then dvd’s where cheaper than burning cd’s when you figured there storage space to price ratio :wink:

UPDATE: just noticed that those discs i was talking about (fujifilm 8x MIJ) where only 15 packs and they scanned @ 6.99(or maybe 7.99) for ONLY a 15pack (not a 25 pack like i thought they where) … so in other words it just aint worth buying as thats quite expensive.

bottom line… you can get better deals online at rima etc

Scanned my Fuji 8X T02 from a few years ago, and the results are amazing. Hunt for some @Sears or Staples, Sony T02’s better deal if you could find some.

Give you an analogy. Its the lens that produce great pictures not the camera. Same thing goes for media, most top burners burn the same quality if you know their sweetspots.

Little OT here but I like your background colour scheme in cdspeed!

Hehe, I was trying to make the point that, good media should not be second guessed. Buy it.

@ Thinkdiesel … nice scans, but like i was saying it’s good media like people (cd pirate/you) said it was, but the thing is, thats rather expensive for only 15 discs for like $6.99 ( 28 dollars + tax for 60 discs = :frowning: (about 50cents per disc) ) cause there good discs but not good enough to justify the price they want for them atleast in my opinion… especially not when you can get stuff on rima.com that are pretty much just as good for a cheaper price.

thanks for everyones times though :wink:

p.s. i did have some fujifilm discs from a while back (probably 2004 or so, before i into dvd burning myself) (2.4x rated i believe) and they scan damn great to this day (they where burned on some sorta NEC drive i dont know which model though.

I totally agree, the price is a little high more like online prices. Just wait if you don’t really need it. Try to keep it under $25/100 is my rule.

damn, your even cheaper than i am. lol… cause generally speaking $25/100 = crap media (without a sale of course)

cause for “quality” media (unless u get a major sale etc) i generally expect to pay between 30-40dollars-ish per 100discs… cause if i could find quality discs for like 25 dollars per 100discs i would consider that a steal :wink:

cause i paid like 42.xx out the door for those 100pack of TY (TYG02) discs i got from rima.com … still have not burned one yet and i probably had em over a year now. but my guess is ill be forced to use one fairly soon as my memorex discs are running low.

p.s. screw mail in rebates as i hate those things. lol … about the only way i would use those is if im getting atleast 10-15dollars back minimum. (closer to 15 dollars)