Quick Question about Clone feature

I am using dual layer dvds and the clone feature here.

After I hit clone and it goes through the full process, and prepares to begin the writing phase, a box pops up as if I just inserted a blank DVD into the cd-rom. I just click it off and it then begins to copy.

Is this normal? Should I just continue to click it off, or is there something I should do.


The only time I get this is when I use the Nero Burning Rom to burn with BUT I do not have this happen when I use the VSO Burning Engine

Is the box asking you to insert blank media (DVD5 or DVD9) or asking you to confirm or select a burn speed?

No a box comes up just like when you put in a blank CD. Asking what would you like to do with the blank media.

I’m not sure we’re understanding you…at least I’m not.
Are you talking about a windows prompt asking you what to do with the blank media?
Could you post a screenshot please.

Yes, it is a windows prompt. It just did it to me a second ago. After I hit clone and it begins to copy the folder, once it reaches time to write the disc, the box comes up as if I just placed a blank media in the drive. Once I click it off, it then begins to write to the disc.

Any ideas. If you are still confused I will try a screenshot, or to better explain whats comes up.

In my computer right click the burning drive,click properties,click on auto play,select take no action for all media types.You must have prompt me each time selected

Any other suggestions?

Tgigday just gave you the fix for this :eek:

Please post a screen capture of the box. Turning off autoplay should not be necessary (I still have it enabled on all my optical drives).

Sorry im not familiar with how to do a screen capture?

ALT + Print Screen. Then open Paint and paste it there. Then close and save to .jpeg to your desktop or where ever, come here and post it using Manage Attachments in Go Advanced.