Quick question about audio files for vcd

I know this is probably a stupid question that had been gone over before, but I was wonderin after I convert an avi file to svcd, I end up with an audio file and a video file and I was just curious how in the burning process I merge those two together, or what exactly I am supposed to do with the audio file. Please help

What are the file extensions of these 2 files & what are you using to do the conversion.

they are both mpegs, and I am using a program called super converter

If the video ia an mpg playable (with audio) in WMP then you don’t need the audio file. The video file needs burn to a CD as an SVCD. VCDEasy is a good app for this , there is a free one around. Also the likes of Nero will do it fine.

I tried playing both of the files on wmp, and one is just an audio track and the other is the video track. WHAT TO DO?

Combine them using virtualdub, then transcode to mpeg/vcd/svcd…