Quick Question: 42N vs 44L

My old lite-on died and I’ve been looking for a new burner. After reading around on the various forums here, I narrowed it down to Pio 112D vs LG 42N. Right now, newegg has the 42N for a cheaper price, but has the 44L for the same price. So my question is, besides the 44L supporting lightscribe (which I don’t care much about), what is the difference between the two burners. I searched the forums, and there isn’t alot of talk on here about the 44L, is there something wrong with it?

Thanks for any help in advance.

I have the H42N and I love it, I am sure you will be plased with the H44N or the H42N.:iagree:

Thanks for the quick response. In my searching, I saw that someone posted you can crossflash the 42 to 44… but thier specs look the same. What is the reason for the new version?

Side question, should it bother me that a search of the US LG website (http://us.lge.com) returns no results for GSA-H44?

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I think H42 and H44 are same in term of hardware. Only difference is H44 claims Vista ready.

I have both Drive but 42N is better result in my test