Quick opinions LiteOn 851s or NEC 2500a?

If this is not the proper place for this thread I apologize. I have a friend who is ready to buy a burner and the place he is buying from has both the LiteOn 851s and the NEC 2500a. I seem to see these names a lot in the forums here and wanted to know if some of you could give a compare and contrast of these two drives? Also comparing their “tweakability” would be great.


In most cases, the 812S is only slightly more expensive than the 851S, and is a slightly better drive. I would recommend that instead of the 851S. Although the 851S drive is pretty good, too (it’s my favorite drive for +R and I use it for most of my burning :)).

Anyway, regarding 812S/851S vs. 2500A…

There’s nothing wrong with the place, except for it’s a little biased towards Liteon drives :slight_smile: In order to get accurate results you need to ask the same question in the NEC forum, and then compare the answers. LOL

Or just read the thread that I pointed to. :wink: That thread was in the general hardware forum, so it’s more neutral.

I have a 2500a and 812s, both work great and I recommend either drive. But the liteon can be used for Kprobe scans.