Quick opinion... Best Archival Blu-Ray media on Amazon? Panasonic? Mdisc?



I have to order some blu ray media ASAP.

is this japanese panasonic one of the best archival options on amazon?

originally I was considering mdisc, but I’m not sure if mdisc is special on Blu-Ray like it is on dvd?

I see 2 options available on prime… who makes what with these?



theres also this verbatim spindle, which i could pay for shippin on:

and i could just get a 5 pack :slight_smile:
but i think this would cost almost the same as a 15 with expedited shipping

Verbatim M-Disc BD-R 25 GB 4X White Thermal Printable, Hub Printable - 25pk Spindle 98918

I see there’s also a “50 year” archival panasonic disc but I can barely find it on amazon so I don’t know if that’s hype over their regular discs.



You can go with the first link to Panasonic media and be thoroughly satisfied. :iagree:


First off, I’m new to Blu-Ray, so this is not exactly expert advice. But, at the risk of answering a question you didn’t ask, I’ve heard that Falcon Media Pro is highly regarded, but it’s not on Amazon as far as I know. Polyline looks to be a good place to get it. I looked around this Forum, and everyone says Falcon is great stuff. But again, if Amazon is a requirement, then this isn’t that useful.


I’ve never had any problem with Memorex for both BD-R and DVD-R.


Panasonic disks have the most end-user track record to prove their quality and reputation. Newer products like Mdisk might be better in some aspects, however they have not been around as long and I do not think that they’re made in Japan like the genuine Panasonics (someone correct me here if I am wrong about the Mdisk manufacturing origin).


^ currently you’ll find M-DISC media made by Ritek in Taiwan. I don’t think I’ve seen many other countries of origin, even before the Ritek partnership came about.


The sole Mdisc DVD-R I have is made in Czech Republic where they normally don’t make any of the traditional recordable media. This suggests that the Mdisc BD-R variant is quite different to manufacture and can be done using a classic disk manufacturer.