Quick observation for the Aopen DVD1648/L Chameleon (not AAP PRO)

I ordered an Aopen DVD1648L Chameleon (retail obviously, with firmware FTJ1) thinking it was a DVD1648/AAP PRO. Well let me tell you this dvdrom reader is slower than the AAP PRO by at least 4 to 5 minutes when ripping your average dvdrom movie.

I ordered mine from Techonweb, but I think the Chameleon description threw me off. :frowning:

I don’t have any screen shots of any benchmarks for two reasons. 1, the DVD1648L doesn’t seem to work with Nero CD-DVD Speed disc quality scan, just like the AAP PRO. 2, I ordered this drive for a system I was building for someone else, so I had to get it in and out as quickly as possible.

Anyhow don’t make the same mistake I did. Is it me, or are these DVD1648/AAP PRO drives getting harder to find?

I have the same drive - it’s very slow. I cannot find a newer firmware. HELP!!!


this might be a Liteon rebadge, but I am not sure about this.


I am surprised more people don’t have this drive/issue… I had a LITEON 166s & it smoked this POS

The 1648 AAP drives have been gone for some time. Most people looking for a good fast reader these days go for Liteon or ASUS.

I still can’t find firmware for this drive anywhere. I can’t find the stock firmware, FTJ1, listed on AOPEN’s site (or anywhere else for that matter). If anyone has any info at all, I’d be very appreciative.

Is the slowth problem a read or write problem?
If it’s a read problem, you have most likely run into a riplock which can only be removed by hacking the firmware.
A read AND write problem may be caused by the IDE cable, the DMA mode, or your system’s configuration.


Anyone know of an update to firmware FTJ1 for a 1648 Chameleon?