Quick Media Question

I got a 48x Liteon and using the latest nero. My friend game me some Blanks to copy stuff for him. He has that Cheap, plain silver, non branded type of Cds. He insists they are 32 x cds. I checked nero and the smartburn is ON. When i try to burn, it wont select the speed, i get the drop down menu. Is it possible for some media to do this? of i may have a bug with nero detecting the cd speed? I tried 32x and my program kinda froze…was like 7minutes and counting on the 84% mark and tried 24x, only thing working is 12x so far… Is it possible for cheap media not to have a cd speed coded into it so Nero can detect it? or is it my software.? Anyone had any similar probs with super cheap media???
update…also froze will burning 12 now…*

Nero will only show the speeds that your Lite-On supports writing the media at.

If it’s low quality, the Lite-On will limit the speed and only the supported speeds will be shown in Nero.