Quick launch & sendto CD shortcuts



I just bought a new Gateway (XP Home) with Nero installed, but was told I needed Easy CD Creator to use the RW like a floppy. I have installed it, and everything is working right, but I cannot get the shortcuts (which I had to make) in the Quick Launch and sento menus to work with CDs other than the one that was in the drive when the shortcut was created. (When I change CDs they don’t recognize anything in the drive.) The shortcut on the desktop works fine. Gateway tells me this can’t be done, but it worked on my old computer running ME. I’m a writer and use the sendto frequently to back up my work during the day and then backup on two different CDs at the end of the day, so it is a hassle not to have both the Quick Launch and the sendto work on whatever CD I put in. I’ve tried making the shortcuts in every way I can think of. Is there a special way to do it?