Quick Help Needed With Driver ! Please!

Hi, I have new laptop Compaq nc8430, during system update somehow, Ive removed DVD driver from the system. I dont have any CDs with drivers and now my DVD is not visible in the system. Im using winXP prof and DVD drive is: HL-DT-ST_DVDRAM_GSA-4082N
Can somebody help me how to restore my DVD to operate?

In system panel I have only info that one of IDE channel is free and driver is not installed properly. I`ve tried to search drivers through all net but without success.


Uninstall the IDE controller and reboot.

I`ve already done it. Not working. After reboot still the same story: no CD in the system and IDE with “!” mark

Why doesn’t system restore work for you ?
Have you got a Starforce game installed ?

Look up “upper filter” and “lower filter”. There’s a fix posted for that, and it’ll probably repair your issue. Be aware that it does require registry fiddling.

No, I dont have no games installed, just pure system with f*****g microsoft updates.
After updates, when I`ve checked the log, my DVD was removed from the system. Right now I have no driver files (sys, ini, inf or others) related to my DVD.
All drivers I was able to fetch for this drive are only updates and requesting original ones which I dont have.

Pull out your manual and find the restore partition and instructions for its’ use.
Borrow/buy a usb drive and back up then do a full restore.
When that’s done find the instructions for making your own restore disks and do so.
If you’d rather not then you’ll have to get them from Compaq at whatever price they’re charging.

download & install "Intel Chipset Installation Utility for ICH7"
if it wont sort it out , give this solution a try

if none of em will work , then i guess youll have to reinstall the operating system , basicly depending on what came with your laptop , youll need to do one of these

a) press a special key on bootup that will bring up a software that will restore the system as you got it… (from a restore partition)

b) use the restore cd’s
c) format & reinstall from the windows cd

Thanks for all advices. Unfortunatelly windows is too stupid for actions You propose. I solved this problem in diffferent way which I can share with all of those who can have similar problems and don`t want to reinstall system:

  1. with Total Commander (ver. Ultima Prime) remove invalid device (funny thing is that windows can not see nothing but TC is able to show this device even if it is not installed)
  2. Find driver files for drive (I`ve made copy from my frineds laptop, the same model with the same hardware), unfortunatelly non of *.exe versions of original drivers found in internet was working so I took all files manually already extracted on my frineds laptop
  3. Copy files to proper catalogs (c:\windows\system32\drivers and to INF catalog under windows)
  4. Use option Find New Hardware but this one from Total Commander (windows is not able to find nothing)
  5. Reboot.

In my case it helps and right now I have my DVD restored to the system.

Last thing: if somebody know which f*****g windows update removing devices from the system put this info on forum to avoid this situations in future

Regards to everybody