Quick education in microsd cards needed

So I’ve finally jumped on the tablet bandwagon, but the best 7" tablet available in my price range turned out to be the Nexus 7 (2013). Newegg has a short time sale on it, and I bought it for 10% off.

Unfortunately, the Nexus 7 doesn’t have a built in microsd slot. There are ways around that, and I’ve found a nifty little mini usb to microsd adapter: http://www.meenova.com/

Review: http://phandroid.com/2013/10/21/meenova-micro-sd-card-reader-for-android-review/

And I’ve found instructions on rooting the Nexus 7 and using Stickmount. So far so good.

Now I’ve got to figure out microsd cards. This extra storage will primarily be used for video. So I need a reasonably fast microsd card. 32gb looks like it will be plenty, and most of the prices have been acceptable…$20-$30 or so. However, many of the user reviews for the class 10 cards in this category have been unnerving. The class 4 and class 6 cards seem to have more favorable ratings, at least for the ones I’ve seen. I’ve been looking at Sandisk for the most part, but will consider others. My old Kingston SD cards have been bulletproof for my camera.

Which file system should be used? Fat32 seems to be widely accepted, but exfat has support for larger files.

Any recommendations?

I buy the least expensive Class 10 cards I find on Newegg. I can’t remember any SD, micro or other, card going bad on me. My criteria for the Class 10 is from using many of our flash cards in Canon DSLRs. Shooting in bursts and saving in RAW format or shooting HD video really benefits from the faster speed. I have an Asus TF300T tablet and there is little benefit I can see from using a fast flash card. Maybe if you are watching a very large MKV file it might make a difference.

I would say that SanDisk microSD cards are generally safe bets. I have had no trouble with them so far, but I have had issues with some of the cheaper ones from other brands.

Regarding file system, just format the card inside the Nexus from the menu in there. It will most likely be FAT32. Not all android devices support exFAT fully.

That’s my 2 cents for ya’


Thanks for the replies.

After a bit of research, I’m more dubious about the SanDisk micro sd cards. Apparently they released a fair number of poor cards last spring, which they acknowledged. At this point, they seem to have the situation under control, but I think I’ll pass on them this time.

Currently choosing between a Kingston class 10 and a Samsung. Virtually the same price.

Edit: Pulled the trigger on the Samsung class 10 32gb drive. It was $25 shipped, not on sale.

I have a couple of these but I haven’t use a card larger than 2GB in them.
That’s the largest I have & I haven’t needed a larger one yet.
I use it for .mp3s in the car stereo.
So far for movies I have used a flash drive or external HDD.

I have a question… if you have NO SD card slot on the tablet, WHY would you want to buy a micro sd card (and have to buy an extra adapter), when you can buy a USB flash drive somewhat cheaper per GB of data (at or below 50 cents per gb)… IIRC the tablet will see both media basically the same.

Micro-usb flash drives aren’t that common. And there is a history of USB OTG devices that don’t always work with the Nexus 7 tablets.

The Meenova adapter is shown to be specifically compatible with the new Nexus 7, once rooted. Plus the Meenova is quite small and unobtrusive. And I can update to SDHX higher capacity cards if I need to.

AData released a micro-usb flash drive last month: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/data,24712.html But I haven’t found much info on which devices it works with.

I usually buy my flash memory from Costco. Good prices, usually have an ‘instant rebate’ and you get a coupon for 100 photo prints.

I recently bought this very cheap tablet just to try out if tablets are any fun for my family.

Keep you posted on the sd access :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2709719]I recently bought this very cheap tablet[/QUOTE]

I used that 1 as mp3 player…a lot of times plugging in and out an in-ear headphone made the headphone outlet break after less then a year.
There’s only sound @ 1 side now,and lots of buzzin’…:sad: