Quick DVD authoring?

I’m struggling with a DVD problem that I hope someone can help with. I’m looking for a way to copy 3 (or 4) one GB *.mpg files to disk as a DVD video, without “re-authoring” the files, perhaps with TMpegenc DVD author (TDA) if I can find the correct switch

I use a DVB card that captures TV signals from a satellite that I used to copy to DVD as data files (UDF 1.02), some as large as four gigabytes. Alas with the advent of the new high speed disks, my old software no longer works, and the new software (Nero 6…) has a one GB limit ( the entire long file is copied in UDF 1.2, but only 1 GB will play on the mpeg iso DVD player)

No problem… I can instruct the software to break the file into 1 GB pieces, and then copy multiple 1 GB data files to disk. They play just fine. Alas,. though they are in order on w2k, they are out of order on the player

OK… I can re-author using TMpegenc DVD author, and that works. Alas, TMpegenc DVD author insists on copying the 1 GB *.mpg files to a news set of *.vob files on the hard drive, before it will write to DVD. This takes way too much time. Is there any way I can just rename the mpg files and use them as “chapters”

I only want to copy the files once to disk. They are all *.mpg that will play on the DVD


Just load in the vobs and you can either setup a simple menu to link to each vob or just “draw” a link from one vob to the other so that they will play “seamless” in your DVD player.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try

One minor point. The files I’m using are *.mpg ( created from a DVB source) . Will it work equally well with *.mpg as with *.vob?

Can someone clarify the difference between a *.vob and a *.mpg. I know if I rip a dvd to to disk ( as *.vob) I can rename it to *.mpg play it (VLC or elcard) with no problem

Is the reverse true? Can I take a *.mpg and rename it as *.vob and use it as input to DVDlab?

There is some overlap between the DVD and DVB standards. I find by directly playing *.mpg on the dvd player, that the player can accomodate a lot more variation than in the official standard. For the sake of argument, lets assume I “patch” the bitrate from the 15 Mbit DVB down to 8 Mbit DVD with DVD patcher.

I’ve also heard some people use Xmux to ‘demux’ the files


good question… (second oen)
i actually have a similar one…
what does one do if one want to create a video dvd and does not want to buy that nero add-on

so i got a bunch of mpg and avi and ogg…
how can i make a video dvd out of them?

(seamless or not)

i would like to make it so that each file is read as if its a chapter.

Are we talking about playing dvd dics on a stand alone player or on you pc’s dvd-rom?

Ulead DVD Movie factory is a pretty capable piece of software for converting large .mpg file to an authored DVD disk. It handles 4 gig files just fine.

Handles video captures from VHS or other source via an ADS capture box without any trouble, and has pretty good results.

You can do alot more with some better tools if you want to tinker…and tinker…and tinker…but this works pretty well for us…:slight_smile:

you can read more here

Well… I got around it

After trying several vendors,I found a vendor that could record a large (2-4 GB) mpeg file to data disk (nero and other vendors could do that) that could be read in its entirety on the DVD player ( ie, does not stop when it reeaches the 1 gb poiunt)

Record now max 4.5 works just fine. The user screen it is very similar to the older sony cd extreme / prassi engine that worked on the older pionerr 104. I wonder if they bought out the older software.

Vendors whose software did not work for this task : Gear , cheetah, nero ver 6., deepburner,

Vendors whos software did work for this task :Record now max

Sony cd extreme worked on the old Pioneer 104 but would not recognize the new Pioneer 107 or the nec 2500a)

Copytodvd would not recognize the new drives