Quick Downloading Question!

Ok Usually when you click on something to dl it, a box pops up asking you where you want to save it to. Well I unchecked the little box thast said somehting like “don’t ask this”. well anyways now every time I dl something it won’t let me choose what directory I want to save it to, rather it saves it in my windwos temp directory and then opens it right up.

So how do I go back to the good old fashion way of doing it? :slight_smile: ty

What version of Internet explorer. ?

if its 5 or 5.5, then try clicking on tool, > Internet Options > Advanced. then click on “Restore Defaults”.

if that doesnt work u have 2 options.

a) scan your registry for the Key

b) repair the install via “Add remove programs”


I wonder if there is a “dont ask again” option in IE. kenshiro must eb using a 3rd party download manager.