Quick Check For DVD Authenticity

I was wondering if anyone can check this one. I’m looking to buy a pack of 100 TY. The site says they are “Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4.7G 8X ValueLine Silver 100pack (Original, Made in Japan)” and the picture of the pack is this http://www.linkyo.com/supermediastore/TaiyoYuden/dvd01x0238.gif . Can you guys tell me if they are real or not.

Or is it a safer bet just buying some 100 pack TDK for the same price becuase I dont want to buy fakes.

In my opinion these are fake discs, but I’m not sure at 100% :frowning:

I’d avoid to buy also TDK media. Buy some Verbatim instead :wink:

You also posted this question in another thread but I deleted that post since cross-posting creates more work for the people who respond, and also because cross-posting is against our rule.

You can’t really judge authenticity based on images on websites; such images are usually stock images and not actual photos of the product sold.

I don’t have any experience with Linkyo or SuperMediaStore, so I can’t say for sure if they sell genuine or fake Taiyo Yuden media, but I’ve seen no reports of SuperMediaStore selling fake TY. Perhaps someone else can confirm this?

Real Value Line Taiyo Yuden are of lesser quality than premium Taiyo Yuden media, but I’d still take them over current 16x rated TDK media.

ya sry about posting in the other thread, i just thought no one would reply fast enough cause my cousin is gonno buy something from the store later on and he could buy some dvd’s for me. the actual site of the store im gonno buy from is this http://cty.ca/details.asp?pid=1742 for the TY. cause i kow there are fakes around so i wondering if they are real.

or if you guys can check out the site for other media http://cty.ca/index.asp?dir=cd/dvd%20media that are real then ill really appreciate it.

thanks and by the way the prices are canadian.

I have no experience with that store (see my location) but I’ve never seen any store directly claim that they’re selling Taiyo Yuden media Made in Japan and then selling fakes. I could be wrong.

I’ve seen claims of discs using “Taiyo Yuden dye” or “Taiyo Yuden media code” for fake media, but that’s a bit different.

I would spend the extra $5 and get the premium (non-value line) TY 8x DVD-Rmedia instead from that shop, or buy from another store such as blankmedia.ca which is often recommended by our Canadian members.

The prices are surprisingly low for Taiyo Yuden media at cty.ca and that makes me a bit sceptical.

Disclaimer: I don’t know the CTY Computers store, so I cannot guarantee anything about it.

alright thx for your help.