Quick burning question




I have a question I have been wondering …

My friend has a few CDs I have been wanting to um …borrow. I am planning to burn a copy for a trial basis :wink: . His discs are burned copies ripped with Wind media lossless audio. If I were to burn a copy of his discs at the highest variable bit rate will the quality still be equivilant to burning a store purchased disc (at the highest variable bit rate) on my stereo?

Or will this give me a fax of a fax affect…if you know what I mean.



The sound quality on the original CD that you use can not be improved. So, fax of a fax…


I think I may have been a bit confusing.

I am not trying to surpass the sound quality of the original cd, but match it.

Do I lose any quality burning noncommercial CD’s that have been burned using lossless audio? (copying a burned disc rather than a store bought)

The reason I ask is that it seems that a copy of a copy would be poorer quality…

then again, lossless audio, if it truely is lossless, should be = to cd quality. Therefore making it equivilent to burning a copy from the original cd.


So was the CD you’re trying to copy ripped to WMA lossless, then copied to a CD-R? If so, does the CD-R have the WMA files on it as data, or was it converted to an audio CD? Either way, the sound quality is mathematically lossless, so it would be the equivalent to burning a store purchased disc. What do you mean by burning a disc at a high VBR on a stereo? Does your stereo play MP3/WMA files?