Quick and easy mpeg editor



Is there any program out there that will let me cut commercials out of recorded mpeg2 files and just save the edited file back to my harddisk (without the need to reencode it)?
All software I tried until now is slow (editing is slow and/or file needs to be reencoded)…
I just need a quick & easy solution for recorded tv programs (as most programs I just want to watch once and then delete them).


Try VirtualDUB


VirtualDUB can only save as an AVI. Try MPEG-VCR (from www.womble.com) with your MPEG2’s.

I find Ulead Video Studio 7 excellent for capturing direct to MPEG2.


presentavid (.com) will fit you 100%!
50% off on their site. from 199 to 99$ plus educational discount.