Quick ? about torrents



I got one going but all the seeds are gone now I know where else I can get it but it says it is a duplicate do I want to replace??

What should I do? Will it delete everything I have got and start over or will it pick up where it left off?

The reason I ask is that I am at 85% of a 3gig file

thanks for the help


Ok never mind Looks like the seeds got back on


Sometimes you just have to wait a little while to get beter speed (or any speed at all). For future refrence, I’m not sure what prog you are using but with bitcomet it has a find more sources option or something like that and it does continue where you left off with the download.


use burst.Very small and very user friendly(basic)


Im using Abc. Thanks for the replys. I wasnt getting nothing so I decidded to post a reseed thresd in there forum and within an hour there were 10 seeds and now there are 24.

edit now 28