Quick 3520 firmware question

I have the NEC 1300 with Herrie’s FW and just ordered the 3520 for my relatives and was planning to flash to beta 2 of L&D’s firmware. :bow: I live 2000+ miles away from them, and once I set up the PC, I won’t be there to fix anything. I do like the added features in the L&D firmware. If I tell them to burn 8x media at 8x, they will. I don’t think they’d even consider burning it faster. :rolleyes:

Mostly it will be data backup, so quality and reliability is more valuable than a few minutes faster burn. So if I flash to the beta 2 firmware, will they be pretty stable on the burns? From all the posts I’ve read, it seems that the errors are coming in by trying to push the media faster than it can handle it.

My understanding is that future versions might add more media codes, but that’s probably not a big deal as they’ll buy HQ media that’s probably already in the list.

So, hopefully Dee will answer this thread. Based on what I wrote above, stay with original or go with hacked?

I would stick to the stock firmware, or flash the drive with 1.24 firmware without the speedups. The reason being. Most burning applications will select the fastest burn possible by default. Most people will just click burn and not select a slower burn speed. :slight_smile:

thanks, Dee. Does the 1.24 do auto-bitsetting? if not, is there a ‘safe’ version that has that, and rpc1, and rip speed removed?
Thanks again!

do you think I’d be better off buying these guys the 3500 or BenQ1620 or staying with the 3520? If it were mine, I could reflash with improved FW, but for them, it will be the FW in it this weekend.

I am refusing delivery of the 3520 and already ordered the benq 1620. Thanks for the help.