Queue failure in Nero 5.0



I have a PII 350 with 192MB PC100 ram, UDMA HDD recently unfragmented, Win2k SP1 and Nero 5.0 and Sony CRX-140E master IDE drive. It burns data CDs fine but not audio CDs. At about 50% through a burn it gives me a queuing error and then says the burn at 8X failed. It seems to happen pretty quickly in that the drive and nero cache are working one second and then the drive cache just empties and failes in a second or two. I have checked everything on the PC and there is no reason why it fails. All hardware and drivers are good. I did find a device set to PIO mode and changed it to DMA IF POSSIBLE but did not restart. I guess this would have been advisable before asking here. Another thing is that the CDs I am using to burn the audio tracks are Kodak Ultima Gold. The files are .wav already and i am using the nero wizard. I just thought that someone might know the kinds of scenarios that generate the queuing error. Thanks.