Queue again later



i’m having some problems with recode . when it is going to start to burn it stays there not doing nothing , with dvd writer lights on . in the event log it says " queue again later " . writer is lg 4040b . any clues anyone ?


Have you been able to burn a DVD with this burner before?


yes loads of times . turned out to be the princo dvdrw’s . maybe they are not compatible


Could you post your error log file from Nero?


i dont want to sound stupid but where do i look for it ? . anyway i dont think it was created because i had to restart the pc to shut down nero , and on other occasions after successfully burning anything nero has asked me if i wanted to save the log file which i answered no . anyway i’ll try to look for it


Just thougt there could be some installation problems. No, if you had to shut down there was not created any log. If you suceed with your burning there is no logfile.


it must have been the princo discs as immediately afterwards i managed to copy successfully with other kind of brands . anyway thenks for your concern and your replies :wink: