Queue again later and Unable to recover TOC

Hi, since 3 weeks i have some problem to burn DVD’s, first with Philips DVD-R maybe 3 fails for 10 try, so i bought Fuji and again i have too much fails burning, when reading the log the error seem to start when he say: Queue again later > all writers idle, stopping conversion > Unable to recover TOC

See the full log in attachment

If you can help undertand what is the problem PLease

Thank’s :iagree:

No reply, and after wait 12 hours without try to burn anything, i do a reboot and try to burn once again, and it fail again :sad:

I wonder if the solution is not simply to buy a new DVD burner ? mine is 2 years old so maybe it’s the cause of the problem ?


I have seen several of the “Queue again later” messages in posts. Some folks say one or two should not be a problem, but I have seen some that have 20 or so. I don’t know and have not seen a definitive answer for your problem, but I tend to think it has something to do with the drive controller or something associated with how the drive is handled.

Have you tried burning a smaller file to see it you system works at all?

Since I don’t know, all I can do is guess. You show your 2 CD/DVD devices on a Port 5–I don’t know why it shows that, but the CD is showing a DMA off situation. How about disconnecting the CD and just leaving the DVD burner and make sure it is set as master. Try burning that way to see if it helps.

You might also try running the Nero Drive Speed utlity. Perhaps something about how your drive behaves concerning spin down time or whatever you might think would affect it’s readiness to accept data could be changed.

If neither of those helps, you might try (just for the heck of it) turning off the Buffer underrun protection.

I’m sorry I don’t have an answer, but maybe you will find out what is going on and solve this problem for other folks.

hi, i have tried a smaller file to burn but on a DVD-RW and he don’t recognize it ( he act like there is no DVD on the burner…) i used this DVD-RW many time without problem in the past :rolleyes:

About the second CD recorder it’s my old one i keep use sometime, and on Bios he is not DMA Off he is DMA Auto

Disconnect it you mean on the Bios or really remove it ?

I just check price a new DVD-R burner it’s pretty cheap n ow, i wonder if it’s not better to buy a new one…

Thank’s :wink:

Yes, I mean disconnect the old drive from the system and try a burn. Just remove the IDE cable and power connector, but leave the drive where it is. If, for some reason, that drive is causing the problem, it may help.

I once had a situation where I tried to run a DVD RW and a CD RW made by the same company and I could not get them to work together. They both wanted to be boss!

That worked fine for 2 years with both connected until 2 weeks ago so if a conflict between those 2 burners it should be there since a while no ? :doh:

If it has worked for two years, it may not be a conflict, unless one is having a problem. If it started two weeks ago, what changed? Did you add any software, change any drivers or hardware? Were there any electrical storms, could Windows have done an update, did you change media?

Can you do a restore before the time it starting having problems?

I changed nothing, but since fews month when i read DVD with Data sometime i had a short XP reboot crash, look like my DVD burner get old and have to be replaced