Queston: DVD Decrypter

I recently started doing another batch of DVD backups last week after a terrible HD crash. I had to reinstall all my software including DVD Decrypter. Apparently I didn’t realize that by default DVD Decrypter is in IFO mode not File mode. Well I didn’t catch this untill about the 15’th DVD when I tried to open them up in DVD Shrink. Is there any way for me to still be able to use these IFO/VOBS in DVD Shrink or will I have to redo all those movies again? From what I see they are missing the VIDEO_TS.IFO

DvD Decypter Ver is old. This version was the last version done before it was discontinued. DvD Decrypter Found here.

Better to use DvD Decrypter in Iso mode. Because the program is no longer updated. Use of AnyDvD with it will remove the latest copy protections.

Always Iso write to the desktop. Once you have a image to your desktop you can decide what you want to do from there.

If you need to shrink it to fit one a single layer disk, then you can open up the iso with DvD Shrink and shrink it. Save as an iso. Use Imburn and iso write to your blank media.

If you need to burn it to Dual Layer, use Imgburn. Iso write to you blank media.

Imgburn found here.

I have never used IFO mode myself, so I am not to sure if you can recover that data. My first instinct would tell me to reopen them with DvD Decypter and save them as an iso. Then open the iso with DvD Shrink.

When burning to Single Layer media use -R
When burning to Dual Layer media use +R DL and change the booktype to DvD-Rom.

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