So Many question’s I dont know where to begin. Hmmmm well First off I just got me a new computer for christmas and it’s a preety good one too since i like to game. It’s a dell 8400 series pentium 4, 3.4 Ghz processor and al lthat good stuff. The fist drive is a 16x dvd-rom and the burner a 16x dvd+/-rw so?? what dvd’s do i need to burn movies ??? I bought some dvd-r and it workedwith some of the sofware i had but not all. What is the best dvd to buy for my burner? I also burnt a copy of a movie i rented last night (dodge ball) and I tookj me a while lol but after reading through the forum i finaly got the size down to 4.34 gig’s and got it to burnt. I used achol 120% and the latest anydvd and clone dvd-2 which i loved causeit was easey. I wanted to know if I could make my own movie intro?? like how parap,ount picture does? I also wanted to know what p2p i should use to fine my moviesi wanted to burn. also I have a slow inter net connection only dsl will the movies be to big for me to download in like a hour or 2? thx, shady

you are breaking the law and cdfreaks guide lines :cop: . you are only allowed to make backups of originals that you own.

but im not going to return the movie their for i will be charged 20 bucks and i will have owner ship of it. That’s what i do to get the latest video games at holly wood video. And the movie wasnt that good i just wanted to see if i could actually do it.

ok, explane this quote :cop: you realy are one shady carecter.

Thats not correct at all, there are countries where it is not illegal to copy a rented movie.

To download them is a other thing.

I just wanted to find a p2p client that me and my dad can send home movies back in fourth on rolls eyes lol can n e one awnser some of my questions lol

Yo shady elite-

You started off on ENTIRELY the wrong foot here-

Suggest that you back off - cool down - and come back when you have questions of input that will be acceptable to ALL our rules-


If you just want to transfer files between you & your Dad then ftp is the way to go. You both need to set up an ftp server ( see Microsofts websites on how to do this) and have an ftp client on your computers. My son & I often do this but don’t forget that you are restricted by your upload speed.

I have another question, I own a legit copy of battle fild 1942 and its a 2 disk set I think it will fit onto a cd but i dont have any i just have dvd’s so will a dvd hold a game? and in the middle of installing battle fild you have to insert disk 2 to finish will that be a problem? and a question i had from earlier was I wanted to know if I could make my own movie intro?? like how paramount picture does? and what program would i have to use?

That couldn’t have been a typo :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I better take that off lmao

o shit sry it was a typo really

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