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What is the real and real life expectancy of the Verbatim AZO DVD-R?

Verbatim AZO DVD-R vary in quality depending when and where they were made. From the results I’ve seen I’m sure that the latest batches that were made by MBI in India won’t last much. The dye (the AZO) is only part of the equation for long lasting discs.

I am mostly using Verbatim AZO media and discs burned 10+ years ago still can be read with no problems. These are backups that were burned and stored for future use if needed. I do however prefer DVD+R instead of DVD-R.

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Burned my first 16x MCC-media in 2005. Rescanned some media last year, most DVDs looks OK and are fully readable.

But can´t say whether acual MCC would also be so reliable, the PIE/PIF after burning looks not so good as the media from 10 years ago