Questions to clone cd final

do you work on the securom 5 and so on 90 percent of the games are protectd by securom new 5 why does clone cd do not support it.
but ccd is not an usual program it is perfect to copy audio cd s
when does ccd 5 final out and is the blacklist removed for safedisc 3.2
and what s about dvd games. good work was on the ccd beta, good ideas you have i hope i can copy securom 5 protected games

There is a small utility called twinpeaks that can be used with clonecd to make a fully working backup (in most drives, but not all) of any securom game.

Safedisc 3.2 / blacklisting issues are reportedly going to be fixed in the next version, which is said to be coming out very soon (possibly this week?)

I’ve used Twin peaks a few times, it doesn’t like my hardware. :frowning: Its usually hit or miss. What Clonecd lacks is a utility to get the physical characteristics of the disc prior to the write. Clonecd can’t copy Securom because of this and most likely will never be able to unless they implement something like that. Blindwrite and Alcohol 120% do this. This is why those softwares can copy nearly anything with a Safedisk or Securom flavour on it as long as you have the proper hardware.