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whats up guys, i have a few questions i was hoping to have cleared up. to give a quick rundown i have decided to put all of my media into my pc for easy access. i am new to most of what it takes to do this but i have the basics down. i picked up a hp envy desktop pc last week and it has 10 gigs of ram and a 1 terabyte hard drive. along with this i picked up a lg me14 blue ray reader/burner. its taking me about an hour fifteen minutes to rip a blue ray into my pc. they are coming in at about 6 gb or so. as far as hardware do you think my setup is sufficient or should i look to upgrade my rig with more ram ? i would really like to speed it up a bit because i have quite a few blue rays to rip. right now i have streaming set up to my tv and it works great so im good there. just looking for ideas to speed up the process. i have read about something called rip lock but i dont know how to get around it.

Most blu ray videos are in the range of 25-28gb, and more if you include menus and extras.

When you say “rip” you must be including the conversion of the blu ray to some smaller, compressed format. Ripping is usually defined as transferring the data from an optical disc to the hard drive, and this is normally uncompressed.

If you are changing formats, or compressing, you should [B]call[/B] it conversion or compression of the video. I realize that some people misuse the term “rip” and even put it in the titles of their programs, but just because the DVDFab people don’t know any better, we shouldn’t be following their poor example.

Conversion of video is generally dependent on the speed of your cpu, rather than most anything else. One hour 15 minutes is pretty quick when doing this with encoding programs that rely on the cpu. What program are you using?

Intel Quick Sync is extremely fast for conversion, if your computer’s cpu is compatible with it. There is one free program that supports it, called MediaCoder. And there are several commercial programs as well. You can read about Quick Sync here:

The quality of output from Quick Sync does not match what can be done with X264, which is a free H264 encoder that is used in many, many free programs, like BD Rebuilder, Handbrake, VidCoder and Ripbot264. You can come reasonably close to the same speeds of Intel’s Quick Sync by using X264 in a very fast encoding mode, and still beat Quick Sync for quality (barely).

Besides cpu speed, one other thing that might help marginally is to use two different hard drives. I always rip the main movie to the hard drive uncompressed, then re-encode using a second physical drive as the target. Trying to convert straight from the optical drive will slow things down, and will put a lot of wear and tear on your blu ray drive.

And to answer your last question, rip lock is an intentional slowdown of the drive’s reading abilities, built into the firmware of the drive. You can sometimes find modified firmware without this provision, but you might not be able to find one for this blu ray drive.

whats up guys, i just posted over in hardware but i figured i would come over here too. i am somewhat familiar with computers but am no expert by any means. my goal is to set up a nice media server for my house. i have successfully managed to get it up and running but i would like to fine tune it now. last week i picked up a hp envy desktop pc that has 10 gigs of ram and a 1 terabyte hard drive. i also picked up a lg me14 blue ray reader/burner. i downloaded dvdfab blue ray ripper and playon lite streaming service. so far i have 27 blue rays in my pc and it is working well. the movies are taking up roughly 6gb a piece. is that ok or should i be looking to shrink them somehow ? currently it takes about an hour fifteen minutes to rip each one with dvdfab. is this ok or can it be sped up ? i am willing to drop some coin to soup my setup up if need be. i read about something called riplock that slows readers down. im wondering if thats an issue i have. from what i can tell rip speed is measured by MBS but i am not sure how to determine how to check that on my setup.any input would be great.

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thank you for the help. now that you mention it i am converting it as it enters my computers hard drive. i am converting it over to mp4. i am going to try what you said and look into x264. right now i am running dvdfab blue ray ripper and i dont think it offers x264. but i will check never the less. if it doesnt i will download one of the recommended softwares you mentioned. i was on the fence about getting an external hard drive but now i am sold. i will get one tomorrow. thanks again for the help, im sure this will take me some time to configure but i will drop back in and let you know how i made out.